How to get started at the gym

Getting to the gym can be nerve-racking for some people. However, if you go to the right gym, they will give you an induction into the gym which can make you more confident.


The first thing you need to make sure you’ve got is the right clothing for your workout. It is like working on a construction site. You have to turn up with protective clothing such as steel toe cap boots and a helmet. Obviously, you do not need to wear steel toe-capped boots in the gym. Instead, you need appropriate footwear that is comfy and breathable.

Other pieces of clothing you will need are shorts or gym leggings, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts or a hoodie that you can work out in. It is down to your personal preference and what you wear but they are the main clothing items that you should wear. 

Avoid peak times

You should always avoid peak times with anything but sometimes you cannot avoid it. In the gym, it is exactly the same. If you go to the gym at peak times, it can double your time there or even more.

Go early in the morning or late in the evening to make sure you avoid that gym rush. The more people there are in the gym, the harder your workout will be. Sometimes the peak times can vary at different gyms so it is recommended to ask the fitness instructors at the gym you go to.

It is more than just working out

If you want to see results, going to the gym does not make you lose weight or gain muscle mass straight away. You have to change your diet if you want to see it. You cannot continue to eat instant meals and takeaways if you want to see a change.

Gym instructors suggest 75% nutrition and 25% work out. Low-fat carbohydrates and protein are the foods that you should be looking at eating more often so stay away from those fatty foods. Sometimes you can be on a very strict diet so make sure you get all your vitamins and minerals from a multivitamin to make sure your diet is balanced.

Do research before you go to the gym

We are not saying you should become an expert before you go into the gym. However, you should read up on the workouts that you are planning to do. If you are working on your arms or chest, google different exercises for these muscles.

There are plenty of websites that people get their workouts from different websites. Some websites have actual fitness instructors that give out different workout sizes. Make sure you do your research on the author, maybe even check to see if they have any social media accounts etc.

To conclude

Make sure you are well equipped and prepared for your workout. Sort your diet out and make sure you speak to the experts to get tips. You will notice fatigue when you first start so considering magnesium supplements to help move blood sugar muscles can reduce this. Just make sure you are ok to consume them with your doctor.