Environmental Impacts Of The Style Industry

Some are household names, while others are much less visible but nonetheless pack a punch. Among the well-known brands, Chanel is a major participant, with revenues of more than $10 billion, while Rolex is among the few large unbiased and private luxurious watch brands remaining. At the opposite end of the value spectrum is Primark, whose commitment to its core value proposition has made it a formidable competitor. These players present that there is a substantial quantity of industry worth outdoors the spotlight, and the “hidden champions” too have much to offer alongside their listed counterparts. The mood amongst respondents to our executive survey is sober across geographies and worth points, and the pockets of optimism seen final 12 months in North America and the luxury section have steadily evaporated .


This report reveals the hidden reliance of the fast fashion industry on fossil fuels. It additionally uncovers how, in …