Birthdays are the most special event in any child’s life. Every girl and every boy wants to be special. Parents want to fill life by decorating the cake that requires it to meet the expectations of a birthday boy or girl. Take some tips from the last-minute birthday gift ideas mentioned here to make your job easier. Parents can take inspiration from the birthday cake list to surprise their little favorite. All cakes are on trend and fit current themed birthday parties.

1. Special ice cream cake

Children are always fascinated by ice cream. Your kid can enjoy eating ice cream with a cake with this delicious ice cream cake. Select your child’s favorite ice cream flavor and add this flavor to your cake. You can also garnish the cake with a dollop of ice cream with a cone on top. There are too many birthday cakes in Delhi available in ice cream cakes to select your favorite one with us. You can also delight your baby by decorating a cake with two or three flavored ice creams in one cake.

2. Delicious fruit cake

Fruitcake is the best option when you want to add some health to the cake. You can add all the fruit to make your cake healthy and delicious. Strawberries, cherries, pineapples you can use all your children’s favorite fruits to make a cake. Garnish the sponge cake with fruit slices and decorate that part with a layer of cream cheese. Then garnish the top layer again with fruit slices. You can also add flavored ice cream balls to this fruitcake. But be sure to serve it cold.

3. Perfect cookie cake

Cookie cake is another option to meet your child’s needs. If your kid loves a type of cookie, you can indulge that cookie flavor and its crackers to make a cake. You can make a cookie cake at home by following the cheesecake recipe. It has favorite cookies on the bottom and is heavily layered with lots of cream cheese. Or you can follow the Oreo Cookie Cake recipe simply made by mashing Oreo Cookies. You can also contact the bakery to get the signature cookie cake for a birthday party.

4. Sweet butterfly cake

You can give your child a sweet surprise by decorating a cake with a butterfly pattern. Most children are fascinated by butterflies and their beautiful colors. Find some signature cakes and their butterfly shapes to be in everyone’s eyes. You can show them a design to customize the cake. But make sure the flavor of the cake is your favorite in Italy.

5. Character pie

It depends on your child’s tastes. Your child is a fan of superheroes or Ben 10 or is crazy about Barbie or a Disney princess. Now the bakers can shape that cake into that character. This is a big enough challenge for any baker, but they happily accept this challenge to put a smile on the baby’s face. You simply have to ask for your favorite cake flavor and character and then leave all worries ordering the birthday cake delivery shop.

6. Cartoon cake

The cartoon cake is the main cake of the show for any child’s first birthday party. Your child likes characters. Now you can put that fancy font on the cake. From Disney images to tom and jerry, to pokemon too cute animal cartoons, you can decorate the cake with your favorite cartoon image. In this case, you need to place an order in advance. And if you can’t go to a party, you can send a birthday gift online from here.

7. Rainbow layer cake

You can add a pop of color to the cake by decorating the cake with multiple layers of cake. You can build three to four or seven layers of different colored sponge cake. Now cover that layer cake with cream cheese and garnish with frozen farfalle. The coloring effects inside the cake reveal when the child starts cutting the cake. This is how you can give your child a delicious surprise.

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It is not easy to judge children. But becoming a parent is the formal duty of every parent to personalize the party by knowing the child’s favorite cartoon or character. You may be looking for thank you chocolate birthday gifts, search here You can delight the children’s mood at the party by decorating the party with a favorite cake. We have mentioned all the types of cake that children love. We hope you enjoy this post and share it with others as well.