AxiTrader review – Exposure From Previous AxiTrader Users

According to Previous Users, Axitrader is an Australian forex brokerage firm based in Sydney. Forex broker AxiTrader gives users easy access to buying and selling foreign currencies. AxiTrader forex broker is also known as retail forex broker or currency trading broker. AxiTrader Forex brokerage services are also provided for institutional clients and large corporations such as investment banks.

A forex account is a trading account held with a company such as Axitrader, which is usually used to trade currencies. Usually, the number and kinds of accounts that a trader can open with the AxiTrader brokerage enterprise vary in line with the country in which they operate, the nation where the trader resides, and also the regulatory authority below whose jurisdiction the broker operates. Visit This Page to find out more details about forex.

AxiTrader offers traders a choice between two account types, MT4 Standard Account and MT4 Pro Account. Accounts can be opened for individuals, joint accounts, or corporate accounts owned by legal entities.

AxiTrader review from previous users will satisfy new/beginner traders. The following is a review that previous AxiTrader users described:


The ability that allows a trader to gain greater exposure to the market than the amount deposited by the trader to initiate a trade, is called leverage. Such leveraged products increase a trader’s earning potential, but of course, also increase the potential for losses if they are not focused on doing so.

The quantity of leverage is expressed as a ratio, one example is, 50:1, 100:1, or 500:1. One example is, if a trader has $1,000 in his trading account as well as a trading ticket size of 500,000 USD/JPY, the leverage are going to be equal to 500:1.

If a trader has an account registered through ASIC, maximum leverage of 1:400 is allowed. Leverage will also be determined by the account type the trader chooses and can range from 1:50 to 1:400.

However, if the trader is registered in an area where the FCA is the regulatory authority, the trader is only allowed to take advantage of 1:30 leverage. This is because of the risk involved with high levels of leverage.

Security And Regulation

One of the first things a prospective trader needs to make sure of is whether a broker like Axitrader is safe to trade. One of the surest yardsticks to measure a broker’s security is to determine which regulatory authority is the one to oversee its actions.

AxiTrader is regulated and authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA) in the UK, which are two of the most stringent and demanding authorization bodies.

Moreover, AxiTrader can also be regulated and authorized by the DFSA within the Middle East.

According to the regulations imposed by the FCA and ASIC, client funds are kept in segregated accounts at top banks. This fund is also guaranteed by a compensation fund.

Therefore, trading through AxiTrader can provide a safe and innovative trading environment.

Customer Support

Prospective traders should be sure that the brokerage company they choose can provide the necessary support and assistance whenever and wherever they need it.

AxiTrader provides customer support by phone or email. Traders can also fill out an online request form or chat with an expert in Live Chat.

For more contact numbers in a specific region, visit the website.

Wrapping Up

Traders need to be aware that there is great risk involved in trading financial instruments and this level of risk is not suitable for all traders.

Traders need to be aware of their goals and exposure to risk, as well as their willingness to take risks. Traders may seek independent professional advice before deciding or acting if they deem it necessary.