Travel & Leisure Marketing

For example, 600,000 cruise passengers visited Alaska during the annual season from May to September 1999. Three hundred thousand of these passengers visited the port of Anchorage. Direct expenditures by the cruise business have been $103 million; expenditures by passengers added an additional $28 million.

The similar idea applies for hotels, as it isn’t only important to acknowledge your guests’ preferences, but in addition to grasp the differences of your business and leisure traveler segments. By higher understanding your business combine, hoteliers can market to these completely different segments with greater effectiveness. Taking the time to grasp and research the differences of your business combine, similar to enterprise and leisure travelers, can solely help to enhance your hotel’s affect on visitors. You achieve this by providing them with what they really want of their travel expertise.

For example, the introduction of air travel across the Atlantic within the early Thirties …