Some Tips for Choosing a Quality Plain Shirt

Of course, everyone wants to have items that are durable and of high quality. Therefore, when purchasing an item, you must choose correctly, one of which is buying a plain shirt. Even if it is not patterned or plain, you also have to choose the right one. Before buying it, you must know the tips for choosing a quality plain shirt.

In the process of selecting a quality plain shirt, it is quite easy. You only need to pay attention to the material and quality that the shirt has. The selection of goods before buying is intended to prevent buyers from feeling disappointed because the goods purchased are not as expected.

Some Kind Tips Choosing a Quality plain shirt

For those of you who are curious what tips or how to select, high-quality plain shirt, just listening to the explanation below. Let’s check it!

1. Choosing a plain shirt that can absorb sweat

Tropical climate causes the temperature in the entire region to be hot and hot. The heat that exists in our country is sure to make anyone sweat. To deal with a hot climate, people of course choose clothes made from materials that can absorb sweat.

In choosing and buying plain t-shirts too, you must choose t-shirts that can absorb sweat. usually cooler and lighter when used. Not only that, but t-shirts made from absorbing sweat are more comfortable when worn in tropical countries.

2. Choosing plain t-shirts made of cotton combed

Surely everyone in choosing and buying clothes wants clothes that are comfortable to wear, right? Now in other models and clothes, it is recommended that you choose the cotton combed. A plain t-shirt made of cotton combed is very cool and comfortable to wear. The characteristics of plain t-shirts made from 100% cotton combed are that the fabric is thick, not hot, and a bit flexible. Plain t-shirts made of cotton combed are very suitable for use in a country that has a hot sun.

3. Choosing a plain t-shirt that is not loose

Tips for choosing a quality plain t-shirt, the next one that is not loose. You must be good at choosing thick plain t-shirts such as cotton combed. This is intended to avoid sagging shirts when repeatedly washed. Poor quality plain t-shirts will loosen when you wash them many times, especially if you wash them in a washing machine. A loose t-shirt certainly makes the wearer insecure, right?

4. Choosing a plain t-shirt that doesn’t fade easily.

Then the tip for choosing a quality plain t-shirt, which is next is a plain shirt that doesn’t fade easily. Plain t-shirts or other types of clothing that easily fade when washed are certainly very unpleasant. Besides being able to fade other clothes, the color of the plain shirt will also fade. Therefore, before buying a plain shirt, you should pay attention to the coloring material used on the shirt.

5. Choosing a plain shirt that is easy to iron

A plain shirt that wrinkles easily is of course very difficult to iron. Surely everyone doesn’t want to wear wrinkled t-shirts or clothes, right? Therefore, you must choose the right material for plain t-shirts or clothes before you buy them.

Don’t let the designs that have been made in such a way don’t look attractive because the shirts are cheap. Well, here is an ASOS reviews of plain shirts that people usually use because of their high quality.

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge has been very popular recently in the market. This t-shirt is made of ASOS type cotton which is durable and doesn’t get hairy easily. Miss Selfridge is a favorite choice for distribution shirts to band shirts because it is suitable for manual and DTG screen printing.

Topshop reflection

Like Miss Selfridge, the plain t-shirt Topshop reflection is also a favorite choice for many bands to make t-shirt merchandise. This American brand uses ring-spun cotton with the Soft Premium variant to provide maximum comfort as durability on screen printing.

J.crews doubles vintage t-shirt

New J.crews doubles vintage t-shirt use cool and soft cotton material. The weight of this shirt is also light because it only covers 170 grams / m2. The New J.crews doubles vintage t-shirt cut also adopted Miss Selfridge without side seams. The main advantage of this shirt is that it fits the body size of Asian people, This t-shirt brand label is also easy to remove, making it easier for you to rebrand your clothing brand. If you want to buy J.crews doubles vintage t-shirt at an affordable price, you can use ASOS coupons, and get a discount of up to 40%