How to get internet for home

The development of the digital era seems to encourage us to install WiFi at home. This condition is supported by the habits of most of the people who have shifted.

Just look, if you used to watch television enough with an antenna, now you use the internet instead. The same goes for other activities, such as listening to music, sending messages, and making calls. All of them use internet facilities.

Currently, many people want to install WiFi at home but are constrained by information and costs. No need to worry, there is a way to install WiFi at home without an affordable telephone cable. A private WiFi network seems to have become a basic need for everyone.

Especially if you have to work or study from home every day.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a home that is equipped with a telephone network.

Fortunately, now there is a solution in the form of how to install WiFi without a phone cable, lo.

4 Ways to Install Your WiFi Without a Phone Network

Use Metronet internet at Home

The first way to install WiFi without a telephone cable is to use Metronet internet. Metronet internet offers a 4G network so that the connection speed is superior to standard modems. Not only that, the signal coverage tends to be wider so it can reach remote areas.

In addition, here are some other advantages of using Metronet internet:

  • The shape is compact and simple, easy to carry anywhere
  • High battery power, can last up to 20 hours
  • The capacity of the connected device can reach up to 32 devices

It’s just that the packages offered are still limited, nothing is unlimited yet.

So, before installing Metronet internet, several things need to be considered regarding the following procedures and costs for installing WiFi Metronet internet at home.

The first thing you need to consider is of course the provider. When you want to install WiFi, make sure these few points.

1. Service area coverage

The ideal internet package at home must be supported by a provider who can provide area coverage that reaches your home location. 

Not only that, you can see user reviews of the internet provider on the internet or ask friends. Ask if the internet provider connection is really good in the area. This is because the coverage area of ​​the internet provider’s service can be claimed up to certain areas, but the connection is slow.

2. Monthly fee

Of course, budget is a major concern when choosing a WiFi internet package for your home.

3. Download and upload speed

Next, pay attention to whether the download and upload speeds provided are indeed by the price you pay.

4. Additional features

If your budget range is sufficient, then there is no harm in taking an internet package with the addition of certain features.

To install WiFi at home in general, you can do the following steps. To be sure, first, determine the internet provider that you will use.

  1. Prepare the required documents in the form of an identity card.
  2. Go to the service office of the internet provider you are aiming for or contact them online through their website.
  3. Select the internet package you want and fill in the registration form. Then, submit your documents and show the originals.
  4. You will be asked to pay your internet bill for the first time along with administration fees and installation fees (if any). Please pay off the payment first.
  5. After completion, the officer will notify the technician’s arrival schedule to your home to install WiFi at home.
  6. The technician from the relevant internet provider will come according to schedule and install the modem device in your home.

Now you can use the internet at home with a WiFi network! Installing WiFi at home is not as complicated as you imagine, right? Let the staff pair the device and call the operator, while you can relax waiting for everything to finish.