5 Must Have Items For Raising Toddlers

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When you are pregnant, many parents tend to go overboard with shopping and buying things for their new arrival. There are hundreds and hundreds of articles online about baby essentials and things you absolutely must buy. There is nothing wrong with this whatsoever, but as your little one grows, you’ll find that you use just a small percentage of the stuff you bought.

When they reach toddler age, you’ll find that there are very few articles and advice on what to buy as a parent of a toddler. As you’ll know, toddlers are very different from babies and need other things that babies might not particularly need, so here are 5 must have items for raising toddlers.

Black Out Blinds

When babies are young, they tend to be able to sleep anywhere but, as they get older and turn into toddlers, bed and nap times can be particularly difficult. It’s important to create the right sleeping environment for toddlers to help them get to sleep and to then stay asleep during the night. The right temperature is vital and keeping the room as dark as possible can make it easier for them to fall asleep, however curtains and blinds might not be enough, especially in the height of summer. Black out blinds are quick, easy and budget-friendly and can make a huge difference to your toddler’s sleep.

Weaning Bibs

Toddlers can be notoriously messy when it comes to mealtimes and can get food in places you didn’t even know was possible, so weaning bibs are a good investment to make. They’re easy to put on over clothes and protect from the spills and mess that come from mealtimes with toddlers. Coverall bibs are also a good investment, as they can be longer meaning that they provide more protection for particularly messy toddlers!

Sippy Cups

Toddlers are at the inbetween stage of being just a little too old to drink throughout the day from a bottle, and just slightly too young to drink from a regular cup. Spoutless sippy cups are a great way to encourage toddlers to drink independently throughout the day, whilst you don’t need to worry about cleaning up spills throughout the day. Whilst most sippy cups will leak a bit if they are tipped upside down or thrown around, if your little one is just playing and running around happily, then they’re much more convenient.

Bubble Machine

Many toddlers tend to ignore the baskets full of toys in favour of things much less toddler-friendly, such as boxes, brushes, hoovers and cooking utensils. But, one thing that almost every toddler loves is bubbles, so investing in a bubble machine is a must. Whether it’s for bedtime, outdoor play or just to brighten up a dull, rainy afternoon, they can be used pretty much anywhere!

Sleeping Bag

Another nighttime must have, sleeping bags are great for wriggly toddlers who move around a lot in their bed whilst asleep. Many toddlers tend to kick covers and blankets off of them whilst they sleep, which can lead to them getting cold and waking up more frequently. Sleeping bags are super cosy and means that they are less likely to wriggle around and you can go to bed knowing that they’re going to be warm and safe.