3 Benefits of Purchasing Vintage Jewellery Over Modern Jewellery

Vintage jewellery has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. It is beautifully unique, fantastic value and also an eco-friendly option, making it an ideal purchase for investors and collectors alike. Modern jewellery can be beautiful, however there is something extremely special about vintage jewellery that should be admired!


Modern jewellery is very often mass produced, with the rare expectations of the most expensive pieces on the market. Not only this, but many modern gemstones are created in laboratories, as opposed to being natural gemstones that take millions of years to form. This technology was only really used on a large scale in the last 50 years, so the authentic jewellery made before this period is likely to have utilised natural gemstones.

Without mass production, the craftsmanship was unique which created stunning jewellery which is rarely replicated in the modern day. Vintage jewellery is an extremely popular choice for engagement rings, as they are filled with character and beauty which is hard to find in modern jewellery.

Much Better Value

Vintage jewellery is brilliant value, as when you buy jewellery that has been owned before, it is VAT exempt. This is because the VAT would have already been paid on the item in the past, so you will be saving 20%. For example, you could buy an emerald ring with the same quality metal, same cut of gemstone and same sized gemstone for 20% less than you would pay for a modern equivalent.

Not only this, but the beauty and rarity of vintage jewellery means that it will continue to accrue value over time. This is especially the case for jewellery that is certified or has stamps to signify the quality or date it was made. Just make sure that you visit a certified jeweller to ensure that you are purchasing authentic vintage jewellery!


Vintage jewellery is also much more eco-friendly than modern jewellery. In order to extract jewels and metals, chemicals are used to assist the extraction, which are then often dumped into the environment which has a direct impact on wildlife and the surrounding areas. Additionally, the jewellery industry is extremely corrupt and workers are often underpaid and put into very dangerous situations.

Buying vintage jewellery ensures that the demand for these services is reduced, thus reducing the environmental and social impact of your purchases. The jewellery industry is very complex, yet making the effort to buy second hand will ensure the exploitation of both people and environments is reduced.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are so many benefits of choosing vintage jewellery over modern pieces. Vintage jewellery is unique, better value and also a more environmentally friendly option. Before making a purchase, ensure that you find a certified jeweller with a good reputation in the industry. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake pieces on the market, so going to an actual jeweller and even having a separate valuation would be advised.

Vintage jewellery still has so much life in it for you to enjoy, so it should definitely be considered!